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Document storage

You can store all kinds of documents of your project in a well-organized folder structure from preliminary design to the as-built drawings.

Overview of main information

The Project Info page is the hub for all vital details about a project. It prominently displays the project title, the project managers and administrators in charge, the location of the project, as well as some essential information. It also provides access to the most recent documents related to the project, a map for better geographical understanding, a representative image, and the project size for a comprehensive understanding of its scale.

Photo documentation

You can chronicle the progression of your project through detailed photo documentation. This feature allows you to keep track of every step of the project, from the initial rendered images to the final stages of development, giving a visual narrative of the project's evolution.

Intuitive folder tree

With the Folder Tree feature, you can swiftly locate large folders or subfolders. It offers a Windows Explorer-like tree view directory and folder structure, making navigation easy and fast. This core file structure serves as the backbone of your project organization system, ensuring efficient information management.

Informative document status

The document status field provides crucial information about the current status of a file. This status can be set either when adding a new document to a workspace or when viewing a document's properties. The default status options include stages like 'for approval', 'closed', 'draft', and more, providing an overview of the document's lifecycle.

One document, multiple file types

In the complex world of building projects, architects and engineers frequently need to share documents in diverse file formats such as DWG, PLN, DGN, or even PDF. Conos caters to this need effectively by allowing you to store multiple file types under a single 'document/record', enhancing collaboration and information sharing.

Downloading of multiple files

Conos provides the functionality to download multiple files simultaneously as a ZIP file. This feature saves time and makes the process of downloading multiple files simple and efficient.

Document history

There may be instances when you need a comprehensive understanding of who made changes to a document and when. The document history feature in Conos lets you track all the relevant changes to your documents, showing precisely when and by whom changes were made, offering transparency and accountability.

Mass file upload

Conos enables you to upload multiple files in one go using a single input file element. Each upload will create one document and assign the uploaded file to it. This feature improves efficiency and saves time when dealing with a large number of files.

Drag & drop

Drag-and-drop is a widely used tool for Conos that mimics physical actions and provides clear visual feedback, reducing cognitive load and allowing users to perform tasks intuitively and efficiently.

Collaboration tools

In today's fast-paced construction industry, seamless collaboration is essential for project success. Conos provides a centralized platform that brings together designers, clients, engineers, supervisors, and builders to share, organize, and work together on projects efficiently.


Contact data

Easily access and manage contact details for contractors, subcontractors, consultants, architects, engineers, and more. Streamline communication by managing user emails and events within the platform. With advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, you'll always find the right contact information.

Interactive commenting

Collaborate effectively with your team by leveraging Conos' intuitive commenting feature. Share insights, ask questions, and provide feedback directly on project documents. This interactive commenting system fosters open communication and ensures everyone's input is considered throughout the project lifecycle.

Group permissions

Conos' permission settings empower you to control who can access project data and resources, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information. Define permissions for each user group, including Client, Designer, Technical Supervisor, General, Contractor, Subcontractors, and Admin, to maintain a clear framework for collaboration.

Document approval

Streamline document approvals with Conos' built-in approval system. Request approvals from supervisors, clients, or other stakeholders directly within the platform. Maintain transparency and ensure everyone stays on the same page with real-time updates on document status.

Customized branding

Elevate your brand image with Conos' customization options. Choose from a variety of colour themes and branding elements to match your company's style. With your own domain or subdomain, your Conos experience will be uniquely yours.

Multilingual system for your international project

Conos is already available in German, English, Serbian and Hungarian but we are open to add other languages.

Role of the team members

Users can add the role of every different project can different by projects Someone works as an architect onetime and he/she is a supervisor on another project.

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Project archiving

Prevent your project data from becoming lost to the digital void. Our comprehensive file archiving solution safeguards your completed projects' critical information, ensuring its enduring accessibility. Conos users can confidently preserve their project history with this robust solution, enabling informed decision-making and paving the path for future success.