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Document storage

You can store all kinds of documents of your project in a well-organized folder structure from preliminary design to the as-built drawings.

Overview of the main info

Project info page shows data of a project: project title, project manager(s), project administrator(s), location, and map. basic information, latest documents, map, image, project size.

Photo documentation

Follow your project step-by-step - photos from rendered images to final stages of development.

Folder tree

Easily find large folders or subfolders in the Windows Explorer-like tree view directory and folder structures. The core file structure is basically the framework or “skeleton” of your project organization system.

Status of documents

The document status field is used to indicate the status of any file. This status can be set when adding a new document to a workspace or when viewing a document's properties. The default status options are: for approval, closed, draft etc

One document multiple file types

In a building project, architect and engineers often need to share documents in many filetypes like DWG, PLN, DGN or even PDF. It is possible to store multiple files types under a single 'document/record' in Conos.

Downloading multiple files

You can easily download multiple files in one go as a ZIP-file from Conos

Document history

In some cases, you need to be sure: who did what and when did it happen? That is why the document history of files enables you to easily find all the relevant changes within your documents. This feature lets you see all changes made to a document, when and by who.

Mass file upload

In Conos, it is possible to upload multiple files using a single input file element. Each of the uploads will create one document, and assign the uploaded file to it.

Drag & drop

Lorem ipsum xxx You can easily download multiple files in one go as a ZIP-file from Conos

Collaboration tools

Your business depends on the collaboration of project participants: designers, client, engineers, supervisors and builders. Get everyone on the same page with one system to share and organize project data, and cooperate.


Contact data

You can find contact details of your team members: contractors, subcontractors, consultants, architects, engineers, etc. You can use it for managing user emails and events too. It has the ability to sort/filter by multiple parameters.


Offer your opinion or ask a question by commenting on any of the documents. There are several ways to communicate live and asynchronously with your teammates within Conos. Our collaboration tools help multiple people converse about a project, or give/get high-level feedback.

Group permissions

Permission settings determine who can view, read, manage members, or add content in Conos. It is easy to set up the permissions of users groups. Default users group are Client, Designer, Technical supervisor, General, Contractor, Subcontractors, and Admin.

Documents approval

You can easily request for a file or document to be approved by supervisors, by the client etc. within your Conos network. This way, everyone can see if the latest document version is signed off or not approved yet.

Customized branding

Our clients can have the option of having a customized look of the Conos matching your brand's look and feel, and the custom structure of your document folders. Comes with your own domain or subdomain and customizable colour theme.

Multilingual system for your international project

Conos is already available in German, English, Serbian and Hungarian but we are open to add other languages.

Role of the team members

Users can add the role of every different project can different by projects Someone works as an architect onetime and he/she is a supervisor on another project.

blueprints rolls

Project archiving

Do you want to store the data of your finished projects? Our file archiving solution for Conos users enables you to keep data in the long-term.