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Peter Homonnay, founder and CEO of Conos
Our history

We have a long story

Back in the 2000s, a young architect guy had enough of sending huge files by emails, missing the latest version of plans and struggling with FTP, and accordingly, he developed a simple file-sharing app for himself and his colleagues. This guy was Peter Homonnay who founded Conos in 2000 based on his experience of building design and project management.

As our product and team continue to grow, one thing stays the same: simplicity. For now, Conos has been used by 3000 users in 150 projects.

Over the past couple of years, we launched a slew of new channels and functionalities: document approving, collaboration tools, project archiving and more. Conos is no longer just a file-sharing tool, our goal is an all-in-one project management platform for all members of the design and construction projects.

Our values

Why do you choose Conos

Relevant experience in building design and construction projects

We have valuable knowledge of buildign construction that makes us eligible to offer a professional solution for you.

Easy and simple to use for eveyone

Building projects’ crew is diverse, and changing project by project. Many participants, companies and different roles and competencies work together for a short period of time. New users must be able to use it at a basic level right after the first login, without any special tutorials, using their existing IT skills. Keeping this in mind, we developed an easy-to-use but feature-rich platform.

Specilized to building design and construction

Focusing on large files such as CAAD drawings, PDFs and images, our goal is help to manage information flow, improve communication and collaboration among clients, contractors and designers making their cooperation more efficient. Collaboration and sharing features provide all project members constantly an up-to-date database of documents, drawings, contacts etc.

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