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Conos is a zero-knowledge content collaboration platform, developed uniquely for building design and construction projects.

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Document management solution

Conos is a comprehensive document management solution tailored specifically for the demanding needs of building design and construction companies. Designed to handle large files like CAAD drawings, PDFs, and images, Conos streamlines the information flow and enhances collaboration among clients, contractors, and designers, fostering a more efficient and productive workflow.

Our goal is to enhance information flow, foster communication, and facilitate collaboration among clients, contractors, and designers to improve efficiency. Our sharing and collaboration features ensure that all project members have constant access to an up-to-date database of documents, drawings, contacts, and more.

Defect Management in Construction

Are you tired of dealing with disorganized snag documentation, communication gaps, and delays in your construction projects?

We've got the solution! Introducing Conos' Snagging Tool, the revolutionary software designed to streamline defect management and ensure flawless project handover.

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What We Offer

Simplicity and Security

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Seamless collaboration with designers, engineers, contractors etc.

Your business relies on the collaboration of various individuals, including designers, clients, engineers, and builders. Ensure everyone is on the same page by providing a single platform for easy collaboration on your most crucial content.

Organize with ease

Documents, drawings, and contact details of team members are organized into a well-structured system. This system is easy for all project participants to follow and understand. We provide a folder-tree template, but you're also free to use your company's standards.

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Keep your stored files secure

Elevate your file sharing experience from risky attachments to the highest standard of cloud-based security. Replace the hassle of attachment sharing with the peace of mind that comes with password protection and two-factor authentication. Securely share your sensitive data without compromising your privacy or the integrity of your files.

Our Users

Who does what on Conos?

Project Managers

Conos provides a centralized platform for managing all project documentation, ensuring seamless access and collaboration.

Project managers can easily upload meeting minutes and project updates to keep everyone informed.

The platform's snag tracking feature helps project managers identify and resolve issues promptly.

Project managers provide comments and suggestions on plans and snagging lists.


With Conos, clients can always stay up-to-date on project progress by accessing the latest documents and plans.

The clients can securely share plans with bidding contractors for proposal submission.

The platform's feedback and approval features make it easy for clients to provide input and stay involved in the project.

Conos also helps clients track snag points and ensure that they are resolved promptly.


Conos makes it easy for designers to collaborate and share plans with each other.

The platform's version control feature ensures that designers always have access to the latest version of a plan.

Conos also helps designers track snag points and ensure that they are resolved promptly.


Conos provides technical supervisors with a single platform to review and approve plans, meeting minutes, and other documents..

The platform's snag tracking feature helps technical supervisors identify and resolve issues promptly.

Conos also helps technical supervisors track project progress and ensure that construction projects are completed on time and within budget.


Conos provides contractors with easy access to the latest plans and documents.

The platform's tender-ready plan download feature helps contractors submit bids without compromising the confidentiality of bidder information.

Conos also helps contractors manage and resolve snag points promptly.

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Why building design and construction teams love Conos

Very simple to use

Conos is the perfect solution for your construction project management needs. It is an intuitive and user-friendly platform, which requires no installation or training to use. With its self-explanatory interface, Conos is easy for anyone involved in the construction process to operate. Simply invite participants and start uploading files with a simple drag-and-drop process.

Stay informed with real-time updates

Conos ensures that you stay informed with the latest project developments by sending notification emails whenever new files or documents are uploaded or shared by other team members. You can easily activate these notifications separately for each project participant. Keep your team up-to-date and streamline your project management with Conos..

A single document multiple file types

In the construction industry, architects and engineers often need to share documents in many file formats like DWG, PLN, DGN, or even PDF. With Conos, you can store multiple file types under a single document with comments and a document history. This feature is perfect for ensuring that your team has all the necessary information to complete projects efficiently.

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