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Data Storage

All your team members in your building projects can easily store and retrieve any kind of data: plans, drawings, technical specifications, photos etc. with Conos Project Portal – a cloud database.

For Construction Industry

Project Portal was developed unique for the construction industry. The documents, drawings and contact details of team members are organized into a well-structured system that is easy to follow and understand for all the participants of project.

Simple and Secure

Using Conos Project Portal is very simple and easy to understand. Password protecting allows you to protect your sensitive data. Project Portal uses group access levels to define accessibility for each document folders.


Project Portal allows you to find your latest data quickly and easily, or you can browse earlier versions with just a few clicks.

Team members of your project can access contact data, documents, drawings, technical specifications or photos with just a few clicks.

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The goal of the Conos Project Portal is to help manage information flow, improve communication and collaboration among clients, contractors and designers thus making their cooperation more efficient. Conos Project Portal provides all members of a project an always upgraded up-to-date database of documents, drawings, contacts etc.

Using Conos Project Portal you can avoid sending your drawings and documents in e-mails (facing the difficulty of sending oversized e-mails, or version mix-ups). You can save a considerable amount of time and money by using Conos Project Portal.

Features of Project Portal

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Project info

Project info page shows data of a project: project title, project manager(s), project administrator(s), location, and map.

Document Storage

You can store all kinds of documents of your project in a well organized folder structure from preliminary design to the as-built drawings.


Contact list. You can find contact details of your team members: contractors, subcontractors, consultants, architects, engineers, etc.


Follow your project step-by-step - photos from rendered images to final stages of development.

Our clients can have the option of having a customized look of the Project Portal matching your brand's look and feel, and the custom structure of your document folders.

Project Portal has been used for 12 years by more than 1000 users from 500 companies of the construction industry in more than 70 construction projects.

Some of them are illustrated below.

Further information of projects can be found on our partners websites


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