Conos is a zero-knowledge content collaboration platform, developed uniquely for building design and construction projects.

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Document management solution

Conos is a document management solution aimed mainly at building design and construction companies, focusing on large files like CAAD drawings, PDFs and images.

Our goal is to help manage information flow, improve communication and collaboration among clients, contractors and designers making their cooperation more efficient. Collaboration and sharing features provide all project members constantly an up-to-date database of documents, drawings, contacts etc.

Share files easily

You can share your project documents quickly with Conos.
All your team members in your building projects can easily store and retrieve any kind of data: plans, drawings, technical specifications, photos etc. with our cloud database.

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What We Offer

Simplicity and security

Designers are working together at a desk

Seamless collaboration with designers, engineers, contractors etc.

Your business depends on collaboration between lots of people, from designers to clients to engineers and builders. Get everyone on the same page with one place to work together easily on your most important content.

Organize with ease

The documents, drawings and contact details of team members are organized into a well-structured system that is easy to follow and understand for all the participants of the project. We provide you a folder-tree template but you can also use your company standards.

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Keep your stored files secure

Replace risky email attachments with the highest standard of data security in the cloud. After all, you should be sharing files, not frustration. And you should have the peace of mind that it's all secure. Password protecting allows you to save your sensitive data.

Our Users

Who does what on Conos?

Project managers

overseeing and organizing documents, uploading meeting minutes


downloading documents, commenting and approving plans


uploading new plans, and updating existing ones, downloading plans of other designers, commenting documents


downloading, approving, commenting plans and meeting minutes, and other documents


downloading approved plans, and make them real

Our references

Already proved successfully in many projects

Our Values

Why building design and construction teams love Conos

Very simple to use

No installation, no training is needed. The self-explanatory and intuitive interface also makes Conos as easy as child’s play to operate for all involved in the construction process. Easily invite participants and get started right away. Start by dragging any number of files regardless of their type and size

Stay informed with the notification emails

Keep your project participant always up-to-date. Get notified when members of your team or other members of the project shared and upload new files and documents. As soon as new data is uploaded to the project, Conos promptly and automatically sends the necessary information via e-mail. The upload notification email can be activated separately for each project participant.

One document multiple file types

In a building project, architects and engineers often need to share documents in many filetypes like DWG, PLN, DGN or even PDF. It is possible to store multiple files types under a single document with comments and a document history.

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